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Burleigh Memorial Church

John BurleighThere must have been a connection between the Anderson Church and the Burleigh Church, because it was also a Free Church. It began life as a ‘mission church’ for the east end of the town. A mission hall was erected in 1878 in Herbertson Street, off Glasgow Road. In 1892 it was raised to full church status and so a church was built next to the mission hall, which then became the church hall. And was known as ‘Blantyre East Free Church’. In 1889 it was given its first minister, Rev. John Burleigh. In 1900 it became ‘Blantyre East United Free Church’. Like the Anderson, it joined to form part of the new Church of Scotland in 1929 and became known as ‘Blantyre East Church of Scotland’. After World War 2 it was renamed ‘Burleigh Memorial Church of Scotland’ after its first Minister (Rev. John Burleigh 1889-1922).

The first union and readjustment in the town was in 1965 when the Burleigh Memorial was united with Stonefield Parish to become ‘Stonefield Burleigh Memorial Parish Church’. It was decided that the Burleigh halls would be used as the halls of the new congregation, but that the Stonefield buiilding would become the church for Sunday worship. However, the church hall was burned down in 1973 and the Burleigh Church in 1974.