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Almighty and wondrous God we come before you in humility,

We bow at your feet and ask for forgiveness for all the silly,

stupid and petty things we did last week. As always we will

try harder this coming week. We also come before in joy and

thankfulness for all the blessings we received over the week.

Such happiness was ours especially in the lovely sunshine,

happy faces and smiling children.

We pray Lord that we who enjoy health and strength, sometimes

take these things for granted, but others struggle and every day

is dark and grey. Let us see this and may we help where we can

and brighten someones day, perhaps someone who has nothing

where a smile or a word would be welcome.

We ask that you would give us sensitivity and patience when we

visit or even nurse some one who is ill, we forget Lord they are

frightened and in pain. ay your Holy presence be there, a light

in the gloom and fill the room with your grace and mercy.

During the coming week, let us "go forth in joy" to do your will

and praise your name. We ask this in Jesus name, Amen