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Weekly Prayer
Week 8: 6 March 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Gracious God,
our loving Heavenly Father,
we come with full and contrite hearts
to confess that we have been slow to thank you
for all the magnificent bounty you have given to us during the past week.

Your love is limitless and you never sleep
yet we scramble around looking for the odd 5 minutes to speak with you.

Forgive us Lord, we are weak but we do love You so much
and this week we will try so hard to spend more time with You.

In the bustle of modern day living with its many compensations
we acknowledge that it makes our lives so full that meaningful events
get pushed to the background too often.

Help us Lord to bring them back to the forefront of our lives
and always keep you there
supporting, guiding and eventually bringing us to the throne of Grace
in Jesus' name.
Week 7: 27 February 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Dear Lord,
sometimes we wonder if we need to be in a special place
in order to pray:
in the church,
in a temple,
in a synagogue.
Yet we know that is not really true.

We thank you that we can speak with you
anytime and anywhere,
for that is the heart of prayer:
speaking with you.
We are thankful that you do not need
special words or special phrases,
simple language and sincerity of mind
with a compassion for others is all we need.

Lord, we thank you that you call us to prayer,
that as we pray you promise to listen,
that when we come looking for you we will find you,
that whatever we ask for in your name, we shall receive.

Wherever we are, Lord, we can be near you.
It may be in our homes,
it may be in a far away land on holiday
when we are moved by the beauty of the world around us
to praise you and honour you.

Lord hear our prayers,
as we share our own concerns,
and the burdens that a friend or family member may be carrying,
that you would lift these burdens from them,
the load lightening by your love.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers,
any time, any place,
safe in the knowledge that  you hear us,
and you delight in responding
by your will.

In Jesus name.

Prayer 6: 20 February 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Lord God,
you give us all gifts:
perhaps one is the gift of a caring heart -
helping others to see God by our loving actions,
our warmth and our comforting ways.
Through our presence
others can know we are always there to listen and help,
we can be your ears, your hands.

What a joy it is for us, caring Father,
to be the one who listens and then acts.
Let us see the simplest of acts as a way to serve:
dropping off a newspaper or magazine;
making a serving extra at mealtimes and passing it to someone housebound,
helping to clean the windows,
babysitting for a couple of hours,
giving a lift when needed,
perhaps sharing some flowers or a plant.

Lord God, these may sound like small things,
but we know how from such small "mustard seed" activities
something far bigger can be grown.
You assure us that what we do for others will be
treasured, remembered and kept in your heart.

Empower us through the Holy Spirit to help in many ways,
to take on the cloak of compassion
that is the gift of a caring heart.

In Jesus name.
Prayer 5: 13 February 2011 PDF Print E-mail

As the sun rises on a new week
we thank You, Lord,
for all the goodness
you have shown to us
and think
"can we make a difference with our lives?"

Of course we can!

Encourage us to ask for your help and guidance.
You'll show us the way
and give us the means
by which we'll be able to further Your work.

Help us to know that
we don't need to try everything at once,
let us build up a little at a time
so that if things go wrong we won't be put off.

Lord, we recognise things do go wrong sometimes -
our simple human frailty.

With Your help we pick ourselves up
and start again just that little bit stronger.
We remember the story of Bruce and the spider
and we don't give up.

Help us to know, Lord, that as we practise,
eventually making a difference will come as second nature
and we won't even notice we are trying. 

When the sun sets at the end of our week
help us to say,
"Yes, I made a difference this week",
and to know we have.

In Jesus Name.

Prayer 4: 6 February 2011 PDF Print E-mail

"God loves me!"
How wonderful to waken
and that is the first thought
that comes unbidden into your head.

Your day has started with the knowledge
that God will be with you
in all you say and do;
helping and keeping you focused,
to put Him at the centre of everything in your day;
your week;
your life.

As we go through this new week
let us remember how fortunate we are
to be surrounded by family and friends.

Our friends know us:
our strengths and our weaknesses,
for no one is perfect.

We ask You, Heavenly Father,
to grant us the ability to be compassionate to others
but be gracious enough to accept it when
compassion is shown to us.
God wants us to accept;
it means so much to Him,
so ask today for God's help in becoming
a "gracious receiver".

Then you can truly know,
"God loves me morning, noon and night,
and all the wonderful times in between."
In Jesus name.

Prayer 3: 30 January 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Dear God, our heavenly Father,
please be with us as we start this new week.

We appreciate that all our earthly bounty
comes from You and is never ending.
Although we yearn for the longer days
and warmer weather we also know that to fully enjoy them
"into our lives some rain must fall".

So, gracious God,
let us realise that we ourselves
must make that sunshine,
smile, smile and smile again.

Let laughter ring out,
light up someone's life,
spread happines as Jesus did
when he was here on earth.

Joy and love radiated from Him
and all who knew Him were blessed.

We who would be called the Children of God
must make sure everyone around us
is aware of our happiness at being in God's world. 

Sunshine or rain, but always in God's loving care.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Prayer 2: 23 January 2011 PDF Print E-mail

As the lark soars upward
so shall our souls fly heavenwards
as we sing and glorify our God and Father
whom we love above all else.

Let our voices cry out for all to hear.

How wonderful to be able to praise God
each and every day
especially with music and song.

We can't all be musicians or singers
but we can enjoy listening to the talents of others
and thereby we are part of it.

What delight there must be in Heaven
where all magnify and praise our Lord
and to be part of the Heavenly Host - what joy!

Here on earth,
although not on such a grand scale,~
it's wonderful just how magnificent our praise sounds
when sung with loving hearts.

Help us in the coming week, gracious God,
to soar above all our troubles
and sing with joyous hearts.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Prayer 1: 16 January 2011 PDF Print E-mail

We come before You, heavenly Father,
with loving hearts
to ask Your help in the coming week.
We always remember well "ask and you shall receive";
God is pleased when we come and ask Him
and in doing so we are worshipping Him.

All through this week keep asking
and help will be forthcoming.
We can speak with God at all times
and in all places,
He is in us and around us.

Sometimes we worry that we are not doing enough
but that is not so.
'Every little, every day' soon mounts up
until it is an automatic reaction in our daily lives:

  • a simple smile
  • a word of encouragement
  • a listening ear

all these things done in God's name
are the work of His children.

Finally we are never alone in prayer
as we join with God and Jesus Christ,
we are linked by the Holy Spirit
and They are with us always.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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