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Weekly Prayer
Prayer 24 ;30th June 2013. PDF Print E-mail


Gracious Lord our Heavenly Father we pray to you 

this morning for help and guidance today and in the

    coming weeks, and difficult months ahead.

Our beloved minister Peter has been called to pastures

new and we must let him go, albeit with immense

    sadness, but with pride , dignity ,and love.

Heavenly Father please bless Peter and his family in

       their new home and church in Aberdeen.


Merciful Father we pray that you will help and guide us

  as we try to do your will. We know what’s right and

   what’s wrong but its ever so easy to let things slide.


  Strengthen us, that we might be able to rise above all

 mundane and worldly trivialities, and set our minds on

higher things. There is so much that we can accomplish

this week if only we try. We pray that with your example

Lord all things might be possible.        Help us please!


We ask everything in Jesus name .      Amen.


Weekly Prayer 23; 23rd June 2013 PDF Print E-mail


Please dear Father we pray you will give us the strength

  to see more clearly the way of goodness and help us

       to turn away from sin in the coming week.

       A new week! New hope. New beginning.


 We know that our prayers are a joy to you and that you

long to hear from us. We want to speak with you so much

 and we know you are eager to hear our grateful thanks.

        We delight in our relationship with you.


  Dearest Father we thank you for never forsaking us and

for giving us Jesus, whose wonderful legacy is his teaching

and example. We pray that we will make a difference in our

lives this week.   We asks these things through Jesus   Amen

Prayer 22; 16th June 2013. PDF Print E-mail


     Gracious Heavenly Father, creator of all things ,

          and giver of all things,       we thank you.

      Your goodness to us,  and your love for us,

are without measure, and they continue day by day.


         As sure as the sun rises each morning

                  and sets each evening,

     your love is steadfast and never failing Lord,

              the one constant in our lives.


We know that you in your infinite wisdom have given

                        the gift of choice.

      We can always choose by ourselves what to do.


         We pray that we will make the right choice,

                 the straight and narrow path

This is not always the easiest, but it is the most rewarding.


We are praying to you today Lord as you have asked us

               so many times in the Bible.

   The power of prayer should never be underestimated

                            nor taken lightly


Father we ask every thing in Jesus name.        Amen

Prayer 21; 9th June 2013. PDF Print E-mail


On this beautiful day we praise you Heavenly Father,

   we pray that you will accept our lowly thanks,

           as we worship and adore you

         and will never cease to love you.


    Many people find it hard to use the word “love”.


    But how can we as Christians ever stop using it

       when we speak, both of you, and to you.

  Paul in his letter to the Corinthians spoke of love,

     and most people can empathise with the words………

      “These three remain, Faith Hope and Love

           and the greatest of these is love.”


    Not a day passes but we come across instances

      of your love. We see your hand in everything.


       The smile that passes from husband to wife

              The kiss from mother to child

        The bond between brother to sister

      The touch that says   I’m here for you

         The handclasp between friends

     The hug that says     you are not alone.

These are all from gods love , shared between us

We send them through Jesus our Saviour    Amen


Prayer 20; 2nd June 2013 PDF Print E-mail



      Hear us as we call to you merciful Redeemer

 and ask for your forgiveness for all our wrongdoings

   during the past week. They are many and varied

and the dreadful truth is that often, we know we are

          behaving badly but still we do it.


                O Father we are so so sorry.


We know we hurt you and we are ashamed, we will try

to be more like Jesus, but as you know only too well

we need your strength and guidance. If it pleases you

Gracious God be our help and lead us in the ways of

 righteousness, taking our hand and setting us aright.


We pray that we will be strong and when temptation comes

  upon us, our minds  might  be filled with thoughts of

other days and better times. There have been occasions when

we were invincible, nothing would sway our being and we

  stood firm against all odds. If only it were always thus.


Heavenly Father please guide us during the coming week

and perhaps we can do as you would have us do and make

           us the children you want us to be.

     Through Jesus our loving saviour    Amen






Prayer 19 TRINITY SUNDAY. 26th May 2013. PDF Print E-mail



                             TRINITY SUNDAY


On this Sunday we call Trinity Sunday  let us remember

     that the Holy Trinity has a place in all our lives.


   We know that the relationship between God , Jesus, and

the Holy Spirit, come together to lead us to the Holy Trinity.


    So with awe and wonder, joy and gladness we worship you

            God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

                           The Presence Divine.


   We know from reading the Bible that Jesus said to the disciples

that they could only be told so much because they were not capable

of taking everything in, but they would learn more as time went on.


We pray that we might be able to learn more as time goes on, and

humbly ask that the Holy Spirit will walk by our side, and be with

us always. This is our plea Heavenly Father through Jesus.    Amen.

Prayer 18; 19th May 2013. PDF Print E-mail


Heavenly Father we come before you in humble adoration

                      to pray and thank you.


As Christian Aid Week comes to a close let us realise that

  this wonderful work is on going and not just for a week.


When we see the wonderful things that are done in your

name Lord, we pray that we can help as often as possible,

 and when we cannot give any more let us pray for the 

work done  by the volunteers both at home and abroad.

   They work tirelessly, again in your Holy Name.


                 While praying to you Gracious God

                    we come before you with thanks.

We can never thank you enough but please accept our efforts.


 During the coming week we will pray each day for all those

                       who are ill, lonely or bereaved.

         Those who feel rejected, slighted or worthless.


We who have so much will, in our prayers remember all who

need your helping hand. Make us a channel of your love and

let us go willingly, and with joyous hearts reaching out to

              others less fortunate than ourselves.

We ask these prayers in Jesus name.            Amen.


Prayer 17; 11th May 2013. PDF Print E-mail



Blessed Father we come in thanksgiving with joyous hearts

                        and humble minds.

We hope that you will receive our thankful prayers as we are

                  delighted by your abundant gifts.

         You are so good to us Father. you bless us,

            you bring all things beautiful before us ,

                   you give laughter to our souls,

             and you want to give us so much more.


  You would give us anything if you thought it would please us.

When we look back we realise just how bountiful you have been.


       We pray that we did not take any of these gifts lightly,

          that we were always honoured to receive them.

           We don’t want to take anything thoughtlessly,

      we want to cherish all the precious things you give us.


  From now on Lord may we see all your gifts with fresh eyes,

and all the love you lavish on us open our hearts to one another.


Again Lord we thank you for everything and send these prayers

                  through Jesus Christ our saviour.    Amen.



Weekly Prayer16; 5thMay 2013 PDF Print E-mail



                                 GOD IS LOVE


Heavenly Father God of Love hear us as we pray to you.

   We know you love us all, but  your love is more

      than just a  few words mumbled in a hurry.


We also have joy, and we realise just how wonderful that is.

        So there we are.     God of Love and Joy.

   O Father its breathtaking just how much love and joy

           there is in our lives, not just a little,

     but a fountain bubbling over us surrounding us

            and spilling out as we meet people.


We pray you will help us Father to let people know how

        much You mean to us, filling our lives with

                              love and joy.

When things are going well its easy but what happens on

                       the darker days?

Then you are there Lord, helping us, accompanying us

        Showing us the way,     lighting our path   

           guiding our steps, keeping us safe.


       Gracious God how thankful we are for all you do 

                   we could never manage without you.


                  We bring these thoughts and prayers

                 To you through your Blessed son Jesus .        



Prayer 15; 28th April 2013. PDF Print E-mail


                     Merciful Redeemer hear us this day.

We come to pray to you this day, We’ve come to ask forgiveness

for all our transgressions. We have been petty and thoughtless

                 and strayed from the narrow path.


              Almighty God we are sorry and promise

                  we will try harder in the future

         We pray constantly for your help and guidance

                   and you are always there for us.

           Most of us would never get through the day

                     if you were not by our side.


        As always we are thankful for all you do for us Lord,

                 and all the gifts we receive from you.


      We pray that you will bless all our family and friends

                      especially those who are ill.

           Be with them. comfort them, reassure them 

  and during the long night hold them in your Holy Arms.


We ask these things Heavenly Father because we know you will

grant them as they have been asked in humble and loving prayer.

        through Jesus our Lord and Saviour          Amen

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