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Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer 45; 3rd November 2012. PDF Print E-mail


Heavenly Father fill our hearts with joy as we bring our

prayers to you. We have all had different types of weeks

some of us were busy, some of us were not so well, some

of us had wonderful moments that we will never forget,

and some of us did not notice what kind of week we had.


You saw everything Gracious God and we thank you for

everything you gave and everything you did.

We pray we will perhaps be a little more thankful especially

when we realise some people have nothing. We are not

talking about a little, we are talking about   NOTHING.

Very few of us have nothing and we pray that we can turn

the situation round and share what we have.


We hear the words “clean drinking water” and we don’t

realise in drought ridden areas people do not have any

water at all. We pray Father that through our “Jars of Grace”

we can do a little to alleviate that thirst.


We ask with humble hearts that you will look after our families

and friends especially those who are ill. All these entreaties

come to you through our beloved saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.a





Weekly Prayer 44; 27th October 2012. PDF Print E-mail


All Glory and Thankfulness to you  almighty God

We pray that you will continue to bless us and that your

goodness to us will never diminish.


During last week we had some beautiful autumnal weather

revealing the beauty around us .      It was breathtaking!

Every colour was to be seen, each  outdoing its’ neighbour.

We pray we will always see the beauty and in thanking

you we will rejoice. We often think saying “thank you”

is not enough, but we also know that you are pleased at

our happiness with your natural world.


We thank you for our work and leisure as we can show

others what it means to be a child of Christ. At work we 

can try to see others’ point of view as our own is not always

the correct one. Working in harmony is a distinct pleasure

that we Lord, strive to attain. 

We pray that our leisure is used to rekindle our love for

you, by reaching our full potential in all we do.

You make our “free time” or “me time” mean so much more,

And if you are at the centre of it how much more we enjoy it.


We send these our prayers God winging up to you through

Your beloved son Jesus Christ        Amen.


Weekly Prayer 43; 20th October 2012 PDF Print E-mail


King of Kings and Lord of Lords as another week approaches

we come before you in wonder and awe.

We pray that you will hear us with all our needs and desires.

We know that you never fail us and yet we still question you,

please forgive us Lord.

Let our week be filled with your presence filling our hearts with

love for you. We want you to be at the centre of our world our

first thought in the morning and our last waking thought at night


We pray that this week we can help those who cannot help

themselves, by being there to listen and doing whatever we can

to alleviate their suffering. We will try dear Lord to put others

before self. As the days grow shorter, nights are colder, please

Heavenly Father bless all those who have to choose between

heating or eating, we will try in our humble way to help.


We pray for all who are spreading your word here and worldwide.

Its not always easy to talk about your wonderful message of

peace and love but we will keep them in our hearts.


We pray for our families, our children, and all our friends.

We want them to grow in stature but also to grow in Christian

values, true children of God.


We ask that you will accept these prayers through Jesus Christ

our Lord and saviour,    Amen.





Weekly Prayer 42 ;13th October 2012. PDF Print E-mail


Gracious God our Heavenly Father we come before you in

humility, to pray for others and ourselves.


First of all we thank you for everything you have done for us,

You take great delight in giving us beautiful gifts, surprising

us many times with your generosity. Heavenly Father when

we pray to you we must never forget to say “thank you”.

Please accept our grateful thanks for everything.


We pray for all those who live in poverty here and afar.

We try to help in small ways and we ask you to bless all who

co-ordinate relief work and make such a difference to everyone.

We know all small contributions really can mount up so we

will give with a smile and hope in our hearts.


We pray for all whom we know who are ill, lonely or dying.

Give them the strength to see another day through if that is

your will. Heavenly Father gather them to you and bless them.


God we know you from the quietness.


God we know you from the sound of the sea.


God we know you from the driving rain.


God we know you from the solitude of the hills.


God we know you from the cry of a baby.


God we know you from the stillness of death.


You are always with us and we ask in Jesus name that

you will accept our prayers   Amen.


Weekly Prayer 41; 6th October 2012. PDF Print E-mail

                          FREE   GIFTS

Yes we have all seen the words, but most of them require

us to make a purchase in the first place.

We pray Lord that we realise the only true “free gifts “come

from you. You lavish so much on us and it’s all free.

Everything we eat, everything we wear everything that means

so much to us………….all free gifts from God


We thank you Gracious God for all the beautiful gifts you

give us and we pray that we will appreciate them all.

A little tree soon to grow,   the fresh smell of mown grass,

a flower in bud soon to open wide,       the flight of a bird

and the sight of the mountains so grand and majestic

they take our breathe away.


We pray thankfully for all these “free gifts” but the greatest

free gift of all was Jesus, his birth and subsequent life on earth.

We pray that we may discover much of the story of his ministry

And come to realise just what a mighty “free gift” you have

given us.


We pray that we may never ever take for granted what Jesus

did here on earth.

Do we need to pay for something to get the “free gift” of Jesus?

NO he paid with his life that we might never again need to pay.


We pray merciful redeemer that we never forget…… Jesus came to

save us all and he did it for  FREE!    


We ask these prayers in Jesus name Amen  



Weekly Prayer 40; 30th September 2012. PDF Print E-mail

With hearts full of joy we come to you this day O Lord.

We pray that you will hear our prayers, and that we can

relive some of our good days.

Good days when all goes well and we can speak with

you God, fully understanding our role in life and not being

afraid to live it.


Ah! but what do we do, on a “ not so good day”?

First of all we pray to you, knowing that you will show

the way. We need this guidance God as we cannot function

properly on our own.

While we are praying the Holy Spirit

is entering our hearts and we are given the strength and

insight to make changes. We have  experienced how difficult

it is to forgive but with your help we can be ready with

the outstretched hand and words of peace.


We pray for all Christians across the world. We are so

wrapped up in our own corner, we don’t even know, how

many good and faithful Christians, are persecuted and killed

just because they follow you.  Hence our earnest, heartfelt

prayers to you merciful Father. Please keep them safe.


If it please you, be with us during the coming week, and all

whom we love, in Jesus name Amen.



Weekly Prayers; 23rd September 2012. PDF Print E-mail


Autumn is with us Lord full of “mellow fruitfulness” therefore

when we are praying to you this week we are mindful of your

generous bounty. All our food comes from you Gracious God

and we never want for anything, so with all our

hearts we thank you.


We pray that you will continue to look after our family and

friends who are lonely or ill. To be lonely in a world full of

people is truly a dreadful thing. So we will try to remember a

smile and a loving word is worth more than gold.


We pray that you will be with us Lord because we know that

every one is special in your eyes. Even when you must despair

of us ever loving God, we pray earnestly that in forgiving us

you love us.

We remember that your Son Jesus Christ, came to earth,

suffered and died for us,  we are ever mindful that because of

Him we may enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Lord Jesus we

thank you for your sacrifice and long to see you as you promised.


We pray that you will help us during the coming week to the think

Of the bountiful harvest and hope that we may be able to give

a little back to you with our Harvest Gifts to others.

These prayers come through Jesus and for his sake Amen.


Weekly Prayer 38; 16th September 2012 PDF Print E-mail


Gracious Heavenly Father draw us near to you as we bring

our prayers to you this day.

We pray that we will make this a quiet and Holy time, a true

dedication to you with out any distractions.

We worship and adore you bringing our love for you, together

with our humble thanks.


We never fail to be amazed by your gifts to us and sometimes

we can hardly take it all in.

The wonders of nature in their splendid autumn colours, the  birds

whose songs are so clear and vibrant, the rivers whose sparkling

waters run through the glens and out to the distant seaways.

The sky at night in inky darkness, with twinkling stars like a

backdrop to a wonderful occasion. Father we thank you.


We pray Lord that you will  be with, and help all who are suffering

from the ravages of war. To be taken by your family, from your home

into a foreign land, hoping to be safe, is so frightening.

Children  who know nothing but war and fighting, families who are

split up and loved ones killed or maimed. Be with them all Father

as we remember them.


We pray now for our family and friends, that you will keep them safe

and free from harm.  These prayers are asked in Jesus name,    Amen.




Weekly Prayer 37; 9th September 2012. PDF Print E-mail


Friends!        What would we do without them?


What would we do without them Heavenly Father.

We pray that we may never lose a friend because of

anything we may say or do. Friends are the most

important people in the day to day running of our lives.


“What a friend we have in Jesus” says the old hymn and

how true that really is,  Jesus helps us sort out the spiritual

side of our lives. Knowing this we realise just how much

we have to learn from him and we pray that with your help

we can do just that.

We also pray that our friends know how special they are to us.

We can learn so much especially with new ideas and of course

with love.


We pray that when we are together with our friends, the fun,

the laughter and love all flow seamlessly round the room from

person to person making us all better people.


One of the sayings we use is by John Lennon and how appropriate 

it is;

              “Count your age by friends   not years

                Count your life by smiles     not tears”.


Whilst praying Gracious God we thank you for the gift of

Friendship and we ask you to accept these prayers as they

are brought to you by our friend the Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Weekly Prayer 36; 2nd September 2012. PDF Print E-mail



We pray to you O Lord of our being, throned afar

We love you and thank you for all the love you show

to us.  We cannot comprehend the depth of your love

but we are ever grateful for it.


In praying to you we are showing our abiding love

for you. We know your plans for us are set, but we must

try to live up to your expectations. Help us Lord if we

fall by the wayside.


We know God that you value every one of us and know

our true worth. We pray that we ourselves can bring that

worth to the centre of our being and worship you with joy

and gladness.


Worshipping you O Lord is the best part of our lives.

It needn’t be solemn and sober. It can be happy, joyful

and exciting . Exciting might not be the word you expect

from us Father but how boring if everything

( including prayers) was always the same.


We bring our prayers to you with love, through Jesus

our lord and master Amen.





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