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Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer 26; 23rd June 2012 PDF Print E-mail


Oh God our loving Heavenly Father we come before you

rejoicing and thankful for everything you have given us.


Sometimes when we come before you in prayer, we tend

to be quiet and serious but today we are happily smiling and

filled with joy.

We pray Father that our happiness is reflected in our faces

and people can see that we really are the children of God.

We must make sure that all we do comes right back to Jesus

in a positive way, again we thank you Lord for everything.


Some of us are perhaps not feeling just too well and we need

you even more. For who is the friend we can talk to when we

are alone. Who is the friend we can count on for sympathy .

Who is the friend there in the middle of the night.

Many of us live alone quite happily but in that dark hour before

dawn when we are in pain and no one is there, YOU oh Lord

cradle our lonely bodies and make all the difference to us.

We pray that you will never forsake us.


Some of us are just so happy and everything is going so well

We cant tell you just how much your presence in our lives

makes to us. We pray Lord that you will always know we love you.


So Gracious God from all of us well or ill, happy or subdued

we again say thank you for everything.

We bring these prayers to you through Jesus Christ our Lord 

and saviour Amen


Weekly Prayer 25 ;16th June 2012. PDF Print E-mail


Gods love is with us at all times and we pray that we will

not be afraid no matter what life throws at us.

Although we cannot see you Lord our hearts are filled with

the Holy Spirit and we know that you are there.


You Lord are the friend walking beside us

You Lord are the friend sustaining and helping us

You Lord are the friend comforting and consoling us

You Lord are the friend there for our whole life

We thank you Loving Heavenly Father with all our hearts.


We pray that in the coming week we will be able to think

about what you would like us to do;

some tasks are so small and easy, we  sometimes forget

that these are duties you want us to perform.


Never let us shirk Lord, every day is there to glorify your

name and do a good deed, perhaps more than one!

We pray that we will be able to be more like Jesus in whose

Holy name we bring these prayers to you.    Amen.

Weekly Prayers; 10th June 2012. PDF Print E-mail


                 The Power of Prayer


When we pray to God we are communicating and building

a relationship with him.

We pray Lord that we will always be able to keep our “prayer

line” to you open.

You tell us that when we call to you,     you always listen what

more could we ask.


Although God already knows everything we speak about, he

wants us to bring our cares and concerns to Him as a way of

putting everything in perspective.


We gain so much from prayer ;

a stillness     in a noisy world,

a sense of peace in our hectic lives,

an enduring love that stays with us all the time

and is always there,

plus the sheer joy of speaking with our Father.


We pray that this time alone with God will be all that we need

to go forth in confidence, and be able to do his work.


These prayers are asked in Jesus name.     Amen.





Weekly Prayer 23; 2nd June 2012 PDF Print E-mail



We pray Gracious God that today you will hear your eager

servants cry out to you, in music and song. We don’t have to

be musical we just need to love the lord.!


We pray this week that you will be with all those who are

weary and tired help them please,

“Love divine all loves excelling”


We pray for all the children whose lives you have changed,

may they go forward always with their eyes on You

“Here I am lord, It is I lord”


We pray for those who are not as committed as others

“Bind us together Lord”.


We praise and thank you for the Christian Fellowship that

we all share world wide

“Shine Jesus Shine”


We thank you lord for the beauty that surrounds us,

“All things and beautiful”


We pray that you will bless all our family and friends who

are ill please be with them,

“Be thou my vision oh lord of my heart”


We pray lord that you will rejoice with us at the mention of

these hymns and songs      Old ones New ones

“Then sings our soul --   How Great Thou Art “


We bring our prayers to you through Jesus Christ our Lord




Weekly Prayer 22; 26thMay2012 PDF Print E-mail


As we bow down before you Lord of all, hear us.


We pray Heavenly Father that you will hear our cries

for mercy and redemption.

Many  times we try to do the right thing or to be

the right person; we know Lord, what we should be

doing and saying but we find it difficult to carry out.


We earnestly pray for help because we have become

bogged down. We don’t mean to be negative in our

thoughts and deeds and now that we have come before

you the answers to our questions come streaming out.


We pray that by asking your help always, and in everything

we do, you will look down with favour and guide our

steps showing the way and lightening the darkness.


Always  Father, let us be humble, remembering the last

shall be first and let us think of others before self.

In prayer and praise Gracious God we thank you for

everything you have done for us and for all you will continue

to do. We know this will happen because you told us so.


God bless our friends, family and loved ones that they may

also benefit from your all encompassing love.

We bring our prayers through Jesus our Lord and saviour


Weekly Prayer 21; 20th May 2012. PDF Print E-mail


Dearest Father our prayers today begin with thankfulness

for all you have done for us.

When you come to meet with us in prayer your  love

is all encompassing, given freely and always will be.

It is wonderful to be blessed in the knowledge that you

will look after us each and every day.


At this time Lord we remember all our friends who are ill,

those you need your extra help. We pray that you will

be by their side giving them the strength they need.

Also Lord please help those who are not seriously ill but

find it difficult in the  day to day, living with ailments that

wear down the spirit. Help them we pray.


We are far from perfect and although we pray with meekness

and reverence sometimes we miss the point and make

you unhappy. We know what you expect of us and

we will try our best.


As we start into a new week we pray that you will be with

members of our church family as they go on holiday,

in happiness and fellowship .Please Lord keep them safe and well.


Thank you for listening Heavenly Father and we bring these

prayers through your beloved son Jesus Christ our Lord and Master.








Weekly Prayer 20; Christian Aid Week 13th May 2012 PDF Print E-mail


                        Christian Aid Week

 Merciful Redeemer we come before you in this Christian

Aid Week to intercede for all who need your help.

We pray father that we who have so much can give to

those who have so little, especially those who have nothing.


They do not want constant hand outs, they want the help

to get started, helping themselves and their families.

They want to be self sufficient with some dignity and self worth.


This is where the Christian Aid workers and advisors

come into there own. We pray that with their expertise they

can bring light to the darkness of poverty and want.


Although this week is special, in the way of recognition, the work

goes on all year round and we must be able to think of different

ways of giving to make Christian Aid alive and fresh if we are

to do as you would have us do Heavenly Father


Let us look with your eyes and see what needs done and do it

with a cheerful smile and a willing heart.

We ask these things in Jesus name and for his sake.   Amen





Weekly Prayer 19; 6th May 2012. PDF Print E-mail


Heavenly Father we glorify your name above all others.


We worship and adore you, everything revolves round you

you are the centre of our lives.

You make us happy and our lives are filled with joy!


We pray Gracious God that this joy can be used in our

everyday lives, to transform our relationships with others.

Let us, the Children of God be the leaders guiding others

and helping when the need arises.


Let us be modest Lord. This is one of the difficult bits !

We know that we will have to work on this but with your

help, through time,  we will achieve modesty.


We also pray that we can overcome the perceived slights,

the thought that we are not in that group or this set over

there. Help us to grow in our Church family without any

bitterness or rancour, we are Christians together and as

such we share the fellowship of all.


Living in a changing world we pray that we too can change.

Nothing ever stands still and we must move forward or

be left behind, and that would never do!


We cannot make  these changes by ourselves Dearest Father

so we pray that in the coming week you will bless us.

We bring our prayers to you through your beloved son

Jesus Christ our Lord and savoir.         Amen.

Weekly Prayer 18; 29th April 2012 PDF Print E-mail


With the warmer weather Heavenly Father many of us are

enjoying our leisure time in the country.


The treasures you have freely given us lord are all around

and we pray that we will always give you our thanks

a thousand fold .Just to be in the open air and feel the soft rain

and the warm sun, O how good it makes us feel.


We are aware that some folks don’t often get out in the

fresh air, for various reasons. We pray Heavenly Father that

you will make it possible for them to go outside, or if this is

not possible, be with them and lighten  their day with your

Holy presence.


We know the power of prayer and it is awesome. We always

get an answer, perhaps not the answer we want and not always

at the time we want, but an answer just the same. Gods answer!


Father we ask you to bless us all as we bring these prayers to

you through our lord and master Jesus.          Amen

Weekly Prayer 17; 21st April 2012. PDF Print E-mail


Today Gracious and Loving God we come before you to

intercede for others.

We pray that you will be with those who are ill and those

who are bereaved. Sometimes when we are ill we think

nobody cares. People do care and we know, that best of all

you care. In these moments when the veil is lifted we feel

your Heavenly presence and a calmness comes upon us.

Often that is the turning point.


We pray earnestly for help when we are speaking with

folks who have lost a loved one;

mostly they try to put on a brave face, but they are bereft.


In bringing these thoughts before you merciful and wise God,

we pray that you will help us to say words

that are meaningful and comforting,

not the worn old platitudes that don’t help at all.


We also pray for those who are struggling with difficult

family matters. It is not easy to bring up a family in these

days with temptation all around.

Peer pressure is tremendous and our young people need

to be strong. With you guidance Heavenly Father we hope

and pray they will come through to adulthood

straight and focused.         “Children of God.”

May they have the freedom to worship as they wish.


We bring these prayers to you through Jesus our Savoir.




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