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Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer 14; April 2012. PDF Print E-mail


Heavenly Father we thank you for all the mercy

shown to us.

We pray that you will help us to focus on you as we go

through our day. You give us everything but sometimes

we are les than fulsome in our thanks.


Often our prayers are just moments, a few quick words

squeezed in  at the beginning  and at the end of the day.

It would be wonderful if we could concentrate our

thoughts and put you at the centre of our whole day.


Praying is a joyous time and a chance for us to talk with you,

telling you of our hopes and fears. We know you have a

plan for us; but you also have given us choice.

So let us be bold and do what we believe is right because

You are always there,    our guiding light.


Our thoughts and prayers are brought in Jesus name.




EASTER DAY; 8th April 2012. PDF Print E-mail

                             EASTER  DAY

            ALLELUIA                              ALLELUIA

                               Christ is Risen  


Oh God our Father thank you for this wondrous Easter Day

when Jesus Christ your own son rose from the tomb, Alleluia

he lives, he has conquered death and sin!


He sets us free with his Holy Blood, that was spilled for us

on that cruel cross, not just some of us, but ALL of us.

We thank you Father and joyfully proclaim your name .


We pray that from the darkness of the cross, to the brightness

of a glorious new beginning we can celebrate with you God

and the Heavenly Host above.


Let us raise our voices high, singing the praise of God our

Redeemer and unto him give All Glory Laud and Honour.


Let us now walk in the light of Easter refreshed and renewed

ready to bring Gods love to everyone we meet.

These thoughts and prayers are said in our beloved Jesus name


HOLY WEEK ;1st April 2012 PDF Print E-mail

                    HOLY WEEK


During this most Holy of weeks we pray to you oh Heavenly

Father ,to help us understand the importance of this time.

We want to act on all that we learn.


We remember Jesus told of his forthcoming death and tried

to prepare the disciples for a future without him.

It is just as difficult for us to comprehend so humbly we ask

in prayer for your help.


To die on the cross was barbaric and slow, and Jesus suffered

for us,  the cruel indignities  the crowds, the soldiers the

stone throwers, all for us oh how we thank you Lord.

Jesus bled and died that we might have eternal life and we must

never fail him Gracious God please help us.

As we pray let us remember Jesus paid for our sins with his life,

what greater sacrifice can any man give.


As we look forward to the glories of Easter we must never

forget the price that was paid on Good Friday.


These thoughts and prayers come to you our Father through

your son Jesus,  our Lord  Amen

Palm Sunday 1st April 2012 PDF Print E-mail


Hosanna Hosanna Let our voices ring out in happiness.

We pray that we will sing like the followers of old.

Riding on a lowly donkey, Jesus entered Jerusalem

       in triumph, amidst a carpet of palm branches

            what celebration !   what joy!    



Weekly Prayer 13; 25th March 2012. PDF Print E-mail


As we join with you in prayer Heavenly Father we are

filled with joy to know you hear us and you are glad


We want to do your work this coming week so we ask

for your help and guidance in all we say and do.

As we go about our work we will try to be more like

Jesus, whose preaching reached thousands. We cannot

all be preachers but we pray that our way of life will

reflect our Christian values.


We ask you to bless all who work with children.

What an immense privilege it is to work with the young.

We also pray Gracious God that you will bless all 

parents who nurture children in the home.

We pray that you will help them every single day

making you Heavenly Father centre of their world.


We ask a blessing on all who want to be your children

Even as we mature we are still children at heart !


Everything we ask is in Jesus name and for his sake Amen



Weekly Prayer 12 ;18th March 2012 PDF Print E-mail


On this bright and beautiful day we come before you

to thank you, and to pray Lord for your merciful


Everything looks so wonderful when the sun is shining

colours are more vivid, the grass greener, the air is fresher

and people smile more.


We pray Heavenly Father that we will always thank you

for our world in all its glory, so beautiful and so accessible,

glens, mountains, rivers and streams  These are within

easy reach of us all, to be enjoyed by all when ever we like.  

Again we thank you Heavenly Father.


At this time Gracious God we remember all who are lonely,

sometimes they never speak to anyone from one day

to the next.


 If only they could know your loving companionship, that

would certainly make a difference, so we pray for all who

need you, but perhaps don’t think of approaching you. We

will intercede on their behalf and ask that you will help to

alleviate their pain and loneliness.


As we go about our daily tasks this week we pray that you

will be with us in all we do and all we say.

We ask as always that you will accept these prayers in

Jesus name and for his sake,     Amen


Weekly Prayer 11; 10th March 2012. PDF Print E-mail


In humility and reverence we come to pray.

We are reverent because we are in your presence,

and we are humble because we are unworthy.


Please Heavenly Father forgive  our many sins.

We do try hard but the small sins are always there.

We pray that this week will be a new beginning, starting

each day in a prayerful manner and ending it the same way;

hopefully, this will make a difference

to how we live our lives in future.


We ask for your blessing on our friends who are unwell

We pray that you will surround them with your loving arms

strengthening them that they might know that you are the

Merciful and Mighty Healer. Keep them safe dear Lord.


We offer these prayers to you gracious God because we

know the act of praying is pleasing in your sight and

you long to hear our voices crying out especially when

we intercede for others .  


Hear our prayers Lord as they are in Jesus name    Amen


Weekly Prayer 10; 5th March 2012. PDF Print E-mail




For the beauty of the countryside, loveliness all around

to thrill and cheer us.

We thank you Heavenly Father.


Children of all ages who make us laugh and smile

and kiss away all the tears.

We thank you Heavenly Father.


Kindness which flows into our homes and into our hearts

making us happy and secure.

We thank you Heavenly Father.


The wonder of a stunning fiery sunset and the bright new

tomorrow of the pure clean dawn.

We thank you Heavenly Father.


Food to sustain us, water to quench our thirst and cakes

to make us smile.  

We thank you Heavenly Father.


The absolute joy of music both playing and singing or

perhaps just listening.

We thank you Heavenly Father


Mostly we thank you for Jesus who died on the cross for

all of us and in whose name we offer these prayers. Amen

Weekly Prayer 9; 26th February 2012. PDF Print E-mail


O Lord our God we come to you this first week of Lent

with sinful hearts and ask that you will forgive us.

We pray that we may be worthy of that forgiveness.

Fill us with Holy Spirit Lord that our prayers to you may

be joyful, full of praise and glorifying your  Holy Name.

Help us to shut out the noises of the world and be totally

tuned into you and your everlasting love.


We know Lord, that you speak many times of fasting and

praying,  so what better time than Lent to search out these

Bible passages and learn about the “Spiritual Discipline”

of fasting and praying. We pray for help and guidance.


In great humility we pray, when we realise that in many

countries fasting is not a choice but a way of life as there

is no food. Only when the aid agencies manage to distribute

one meal a day do they eat. Please God we ask that you will

be there with them helping and comforting all who need you.


As you have asked of us, we now pray for all the people with

whom we live and for all with whom we worship.

Bless us Lord as we start a new week, one in which we can

honour your name, do your will, love others as you love us.

All these things we ask in Jesus name,   Amen.


Weekly Prayers 8; 18th February 2012 PDF Print E-mail



Father God we come before you as always, with contrite hearts

and hopes of forgiveness. We worship and adore you and know

you will always listen to our hopes for ourselves, but more

importantly our prayers for others.


We intercede for all our friends and family who are ill.

We ask merciful Father that you will give them the strength

and courage to deal with all that is ailing them, and if it be your

will; grant to them a full recovery.

If that is not your answer, be with those who have a limited time

and give them grace, along with the power of the Holy Spirit to

accept all that you send.


We pray for those of us whose lives are full of trouble and cannot

see the way ahead. Be with us Father and help us to realise that

you can be approached with anything large or small if only we

ask, you will guide us along the right path.

If we would only remember that you have all the time in the world

for us, you are willing to help us whatever we ask, then we will

have peace and with this comes a thankful and contented heart.


We thank you for all you have done for us during the last week

But we ask in humility that you will be with us next week, ready

to keep us on the straight and narrow, walking ahead to fend off

danger because you are the Father and we will follow you to the

ends of the earth.

We ask all things in Jesus Holy name    Amen.




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